Deep foundation for the pump house at -7.5 meters below water sea level, the area allocated for this project very confined surrounded with hotel from two sides and Royal Place from the third side, only one side was free from the sea side. Deep wells and well points system were used to lower water to -9.5 meters, soldier piles with precast concrete planks system was chosen for shoring work, H beams 400*400 mm were driven using vibro hammer to a depth of -17 meters below water table, concrete blanks were installed in stages as excavation went down, different sizes of wailing beams and bracing system varies between 350*350 mm up to 700*400 mm were welded on the driven soldier piles at three levels.
Pump house footing and walls designed of 1 meter thick to overcome the uplifting force of water table. The top roof was designed in combination between post tensioned 12 meters long beams, precast slabs as part of form work and cast in-situ concrete to achieve full roof thickness. Transvers bracing was removed in stages as the pump house walls were erected and cast, at final stage soldier piles will be pulled out using vibro hammer too. To supply pump house with water, a 420 meters long GRP pipe of 1400 mm diameters was built too.


July 4, 2017


Civil Works