BEACH RESORT 2004-2008

Main Contractor /MAR GROUP
Consultant /BEST
<< Afamia Beach Resort- Marine Works Package>>

Project Specifics


    • Main breakwater of 420 linear meters @ 12m water depth

    • Secondary breakwater of 115 linear meters

    • Rock layers placing

    • Concrete armoring blocks (acropode i-16m3)

    • Dredging for breakwater foundation and toes

    • Land reclamation of 22000 m2

    • Dredging for new quay foundations underwater in rock layer using blasting

    • 360m quay walls @ 5 and depth using cast in situ concrete

    • Construction of crown walls.

    • Dredging of 10000 m2 marina basin in rocks using blasting

    • Construction of man made beaches

    • 2x150m long offshore break waters using cast in situ concrete

    • Beach protection cast in situ edge walls

    • Construction of 2 olympic size state of the art swimming pools

    Miscellaneous hard landscape works


April 22, 2016


Marine Works Selective